You could call it stencil-style, or screen-print-style, or stamped, or posterized. The purest form of this type of design has two colours (usually black and white) with no halftones; a given point is either full black or full white. It is tailor-made for screen-printing, either white ink on a black(ish) shirt or black ink on a white(ish) shirt.

I enjoy applying this technique to political figures, mainly American ones because, let's face it, that's where the fireworks are. Where possible, I use source photos that are Public Domain or at least have a license that allows commercial use and modification (CC BY, in the Creative Commons), and generally donate the results back to the Commons as Public Domain. We live in an Attention Deficit culture littered with memes, symbols and icons, and it's my belief that these highly graphic portraits can find some use in that mix as a kind of iconography.


Because filling the white portions of these images with a full colour photo doesn't prevent reverting them to black and white easily, I started to do so. It made them more complex, more appealing, and I could comment on the subject with my choice of filled texture.

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Angry chicken stares into your soul and finds you wanting
strung out in paris-layer-m.jpg
Grow deep, not just tall. Cork oak tree and roots
Grow Deep, Not Just Tall
FUCK AROUND FIND TROUT - crossed fly fishing rods - crest
Molly, Timmy, and an iconic cork oak silhouetted by the moon
Luke and Sarah
Alex Jones - New Lizard King - stencil, screen print style
The New Lizard King
Trump - Torn Posters - stencil, screen print style - clown nose - bloody chin - Public Domain
Trump - Torn Posters
Hindenburg Cruise Ship Disaster - Oh, the humanity!!
Joe Biden - Driftwood - stencil, screen print style - Groot - Public Domain
Joe Biden - Driftwood
Tucker Carlson - Charred Tree - Fanning the flames of white supremacy
Tucker Carlson - Charred Tree
Queen Elizabeth II - Balmoral Tartan - stencil - screen print style
Queen Elizabeth II - Balmoral Tartan