I follow a bunch of channels featuring people establishing a life on the land in Portugal, so I'm going to throw a couple of episodes from each of them them into the hopper.

Life Reimagined - "Welcome to Life Reimagined. A place where we will share tips and tricks related to minimalism, permaculture, sustainable tourism and DIY as we try to build our own little piece of paradise. Located between Portimao and Monchique in the South of Portugal our 4 acre farm is only 15 minutes from the sea and 15 minutes from the mountains. With 300+ days of sunshine every year we will hopefully have great conditions for filming. Throughout this process we will be regenerating the previously neglected land to grow our own fruits and vegetables. We will try and figure out how to manage the water in a dry climate, hopefully resulting in a fully stocked lake that can supply our land with all the water it needs. Subscribe and follow us as we attempt to build a sustainable eco-resort and see how it all turns out."

Eco and Beyond - "Eco-friendly living in central Portugal. Follow our journey as we restore and modernise an old manor-style house and farm land back to its former glory. Tune in for renovation vlogs, veg growing, recipes and much more. For more eco inspiration and resources check out our website at"

Our Portuguese Homestead - "In August of 2018 my partner, my baby and I set out on a great new adventure. We moved out of our city apartment into a 1987 Hymer camper-van. Taking only the essentials, we slowly made our way from the Netherlands down to Portugal. May 2019 we bought a piece of land here that had been abandoned for 30 years. Now we are slowly making it our home, starting with the basics like our new yurt. Welcome!"

The Indie Projects - "Welcome to our channel! We're Theo & Bee, and together with our cat Ginjey Bear we live and travel full-time in our self-converted Sprinter van! Getting out in the van has been such a fantastic way to see the world and we love sharing it with everyone :)" ***Bee and Theo need to update their About page.***

OKportugal - "Hi, I am Ken and I created OKportugal to document my midlife crisis and escape from the rat race! I am originally from Cape Town, South Africa but have lived in the UK for the last 17 years with my partner Gina, our two cats and a big hairy dog. For many years we talked about leaving South East England and moving somewhere warm and sunny. We finally got our act together in late 2019 to escape before the dreaded Brexit. We sold our house, bought a campervan and drove all of our belongings to Portugal, a country we had not even visited before! We had no idea where we were going or if we would succeed but we managed to buy an amazing farm in December 2019 where we now live. You can watch our journey from leaving England and buying this farm in the playlist 'SEASON 1 - Buying a Farm in Portugal' 'SEASON 2 - Portugal Farm Life' follows us around as we learn more about our new country Portugal, its people and life on a farm."

Luke and Sarah's Off-Grid Life - "Hi, We are Sarah and Luke. We make videos about our experiences living off-grid in Central Portugal as total beginners and aim to reach self-sufficiency in the near future , we upload twice a week every Thursday and Sunday and our topics will cover home cooked recipes , gardening, sustainability, tiny houses, building with natural materials, and much more. We want a simple life and aim to reduce our carbon footprint and regenerate our land. With no previous experience everything we do is a learning process and we hope you will join us on this learning journey and learn with us. When joining our family you are contributing to and supporting our growth. We love putting these videos together and love sharing our experiences and through these videos we hope to inspire others to go after their dreams and help create more awareness to the well-being of our planet. Thanks for reading this and have a great day😃"

Project Amber - "Travelling Europe and the UK in my converted ex-ambulance with my Sprocker Spaniel Pup, Lance. The 8 month trip around Europe has now come to an end. It was incredible and got me hooked on Vanlife. It’s not glamorous like some will have you believe, but it is freeing and addictive way to live life. But right now My aim is to fix up my van make the changes needed to it for an even more action packed round 2 and get back out there!"