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Portfolio: Oh, the Humanity!

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Here's another design with a podcast back story. One of the podcasts I've been listening to for a long time is the Omnibus with Ken Jennings and John Roderick. I wanted to make a t-shirt design for the show, and drew upon their frequent discussions of both cruise ships and zeppelins to create this surreal version of the Hindenburg disaster. The result had another layer of relevance in that Led Zeppelin used a Hindenburg photo on one of their album covers, and John is a musician. Unfortunately, my attempts to email them about the design went unanswered, and so I decided to repurpose the graphic as a piece of official WhyTheAlgarve merch.

Aruba - Crown Princess

"Our ship passed the Crown Princess while leaving Aruba. Crown Princess carries 3,100 passengers, and was built in 2006." Roger W

This isn't the exact photo I used to make the graphic, but it's very close to it. I was surprised when I started doing a little Googling by just how many versions of the disaster there are - at least five.


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