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Portfolio: Big Yellow Man

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

One of my earlier designs, made from a fall foliage photo I took down by the Fraser River. An effect here that I absolutely love is the sense of internal structure with glimpses of sky through the far side. The "Man" in the name, btw, is short for "mandala" and is a file naming suffix I use when making many versions of a design. This is also the very first design I ever sold, on a pair of Zazzle leggings. Which is saying something, because they run $92.00.

The original photo, Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park:


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Justus Hayes
Justus Hayes
24 de jul. de 2021

Lol! A little leopard-y, perhaps. One thing that often happens when a really organic surface is patterned and reflected using a kaleidoscope filter is that faces and fragments of faces are formed. There's a word for that tendency to perceive faces, but it escapes me. Too bad there isn't some way to easily look that up. Oh well!


Is is my imagination, but the design has an "animal print" style, kind of a menacing message. Perhaps an invitation to "make my day" as Dirty Harry once said. Ok, just my imagination.

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