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I call this category "Realism Remixed" because the designs here are based on photos of real surfaces and objects that have been manipulated and filtered, but are still anchored in reality. In other words, the source material is (more or less) recognizable.

Often, these are natural surfaces such as clouds, wood, foliage, and stone, although man-made surfaces feature as well. I am naturally attracted to patina and love an object that really wears its age on its sleeve. Rust, verdigris, weathering, crazing, cracking, stains - I can't get enough. It can be challenging presenting surfaces that the average person considers "dirty" in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and acceptable on a piece of clothing. I continue to tinker with strategies in this regard.

Twiggy River Dawn

I'm working on this portfolio. Check back soon for the finished version.

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