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Portfolio: Barcelona Gothic Corner

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

The Gothic Quarter in Barcelona is a fabulous place in which I could have happily spent weeks wandering around and documenting. This design features a corner of the Quarter, and has been manipulated in one of the most simple ways - a flipped duplicate layer set to Darken layer mode. This technique works particularly well when the original image has strong radiating lines, as from perspective, e.g.. When those fans intersect they form a grid which is also constrained by perspective, an effect that I find compelling.

The original and unprocessed photo is on the left. The image on the right shows clearly the kind of processing I subject almost every photo I use to. I think it works well as an aesthetic choice and stylistic signature. Probably even more importantly, it allows me to take relatively low-resolution photos and blow them up to a size that is printable without rasterizing artifacts. Handy.


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