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T-Shirts Found Drifting Down the Lazy River

Now that classic format t-shirts are a part of the official Lazy River Design Works inventory, I thought it would be a good idea to post some pics of the actual items that I have ordered for our youngest, Rowan. After all, the main goal of the Lazy River store is to establish a way for me to make at-home income so that I can be a full-time stay-at-home Dad for Rowan once he graduates from high school. What better way to show off some of this merch IRL than to have Rowan model them for us? I also have a photo of my niece, Zoë, wearing the Flamingo Bones t-shirt, one of my bestsellers.

You can find all of the classic format tees here, and by "classic format," I mean a t-shirt with a design on the front (and perhaps the back) confined to a rectangular potential printing area. These are in contrast to an all-over graphic tee.

My Insubstantial Friend (earlier version)

Flamingo Bones - thanks, Zoë!

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