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Portfolio: The Irony Indicator

This an example of a design that was conceived, implemented, thought about, then reworked. The full-colour version at right (above if you are on a phone) is my first attempt. I suspect that because editing the dial to that point took so much work, I said to myself, "Whew, done. Good enough," and didn't take it any further. After thinking about it for a while, though, I realized that it was way too subtle and also rather bland. I needed to contextualize that dial in a control panel of some sort and give it a location. I also needed to make it really obvious that this dial measures irony, so I added the additional label.

At present, The Irony Indicator is only available as a rectangular full print, i.e., there is no transparency and the shirt colour is irrelevant. I will likely also post a PNG version with transparency for black tones that only works on a black or near-black shirt. Doing so results in a more flexible print because areas within the print have no ink; the fabric hangs better.

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