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"Pluming" was a Naming Disaster!!!

Lisa told me yesterday that this image of the sun cracking the horizon over frozen farm fields as the early morning wind whips a huge plume of steam sideways is one of her favourites of mine. I immediately put it on a number of products so that she can choose one for us to order. The leggings and tank top are on Zazzle - click on the image to be taken to their store pages; note that there is a version of the leggings with "WHYTHEALGARVE" on one haunch (pictured above right). Everything else, at present, is on Society6. There is also a previous blog post about this image and the morning it was taken.

The title of this blog post is cheeky click-baitiness, but also refers to the strength of the word "plumage" when interacting with this design. I called it "Pluming" because the word is only one letter away from "plumbing" and the image has a huge pipe (smokestack) belching out a huge plume of steam. Serious lol. But every time I renamed or saved-as it, I had to consciously fight every time not to type out, "Plumage." What a disaster!! I may re-name it.

Of course, there are many more types of products at Society6 with this image on them, too many to include all of them here. If you go to my Society6 store, search through the departments and products listed on the left, and be sure to sort your results by newest, options using this design will be near the top of the results. Cumbersome, I know.

Click here or on the above image to go to the store page for this as a print.

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Justus Hayes
Justus Hayes
31. Dez. 2020

I didn't know Garth Brooks did a cover of it, but I am very familiar with the original. And yes, being up before dawn is a very special time. It feels privileged to me, like I'm on the inside of something. Or like being the only person in a theatre. Add a good sunrise to that and Pow!

Gefällt mir

As a early bird, I really enjoyed all the photos in Chasing Daybreak post. There is a 1992 country western song by Garth Brooks called "Walking, after Midnight" (originally Pasty Cline), a song about remembering. For me, the song makes better sense as "Walking before Dawn." When I am out before anyone else is up, I both remember my past and set dreams for today. So quiet and self-reflective. A time of promise and possibilities before the hustle & bustle of the day begins. I don't always sleep well, and for so many years I struggled with sleep deprivation. Now, if I wake up too early, I don't struggle; I just get up and "go out walking, before dawn."

Gefällt mir
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