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Plenty of Rats in the Old Opsal Steel Building

Rosy golden sunrise glow inside the offices of the abandoned steel factory, the Opsal, in Vancouver, BC

Here is an assortment of photos I took of the historic Opsal Steel Building in 2008. This was the first of many visits, starting at dawn on a clear winter day. I haven't had access to these photos for a long time, and I still have another dvd of images to go through. When I've done that, I'll assemble a best-of and post an in-depth look at this property. I worked in various scene shops as a scenic painter and artist in Vancouver for over twenty years, and three of them were within blocks of the Opsal. A fixture in my life for many years.

Inside the rat-infested main hall of the old Opsal, abandoned steel factory in Vancouver, BC

Glowing fingers of dawn find a lamp inside the old Opsal, abandoned steel factory in Vancouver, BC

Through a glass darkly

Dawn light shows the way through an open door in the Opsal

Clotted spider webs coated with years of dust aren't catching many flies inside the Opsal, abandoned steel factory in Vancouver, BC

A little solo urban exploration inside the Opsal, abandoned steel factory and piece of Vancouver's industrial history

Things fall apart. The centre cannot hold.

A look at the new Opsal today, complete with condo tower

The Opsal, today. Click here to trigger this view using Google Earth. I will give the developers some credit for at least an attempt to make the design reflect the original. I am on the lookout for old aerial photos of the place.

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