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Look Up. Look Way, Way Up

Imposing order on the very definition of chaos - the sky. It's been a source of great inspiration for me lately. The familiar palette, the textures and layering of clouds, the angle of the sun and the interplay between back lighting and front lighting. Endlessly fascinating. It's great fodder for the Kaleidoscope filter as it crystalizes those colours and shapes into variations on the mandala's geometry.




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Justus Hayes
Justus Hayes
Dec 18, 2020

Thanks so much, Christopher. :-) I suspect that game will always be doomed to failure because I really do mess with those clouds. I hope you guys have a great holiday, or at least as good as can be achieved given the circumstances.


LOVELY, why not make the sky into art? One of the 'games' I tried with each image is collapse the effect in my imagination and guess at what the original sky appearance. Utter defeat every time. Thanks for providing a photo of your inspirational canvas sky. Happy Holidays to you Justus, and your family.

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