Hawaiian Shirt Size Charts (HugePOD and InterestPrint)

Updated: Jul 23

Wondering what size shirt you should order? Wonder no more. Here are size charts for both the square-cut shirts from HugePOD and the tailored-fit shirts from InterestPrint. HugePOD is given in both inches and centimeters, while InterestPrint is only in inches for the moment.

The cut and tailoring of the HugePOD shirts, identified on the site as "Lapelled Short-Sleeve," is roomy, boxy, and square. I'm carrying more weight than I should (ice cream) at 5'7" and 200 lbs. A comfortable t-shirt these days is an XL to a 2XL, depending on the shirt. I ordered 3 of my shirts in 2XL to be on the safe side, but that was not necessary - I would fit XL. To further this roominess/cut-large point, I also ordered a L for our oldest son, Alex, and that almost fits me but is a little too small.

HugePOD's Hawaiian Shirts, aka Lapelled Short-Sleeve


InterestPrint's Tailored-Fit Hawaiian Shirts

Recently, InterestPrint synchronized with Wix (my host and provider) , allowing me to offer their tailored-fit Hawaiian Shirt. These are a curvy cut, traditionally described as a women's cut, but I'm not going to use the men/women distinction when referring to these cuts. I'm less interested in traditional ideas about what genders should wear and more interested to talking about how the shirts fit. I will shortly be ordering one of these for my wife, Lisa (who is very curvy indeed) and will report back on that fit as soon as possible.

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