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And the Winner of My Very First T-Shirt Giveaway Contest Is...

And the winner is Nick from Indiana in the vicinity of Chicago. Their general area of residence seems fitting, as they found out about the contest through the Facebook group, "Go Home and Tell Your Mother You're Brilliant," which is a fan group for the Chicago-based podcast, "Knowledge Fight."

Nick has chosen "Draped in Cherry Blossoms," a popular design that has garnered some very positive feedback. We are in the midst of determining size and style, and whether or not Nick would like to have some customized text added.

Congratulations, Nick!

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Justus Hayes
Justus Hayes
Mar 23, 2022


Happy Spring, indeed. It's here, and my garden is calling me. Calling me names, because I have neglected pruning and clearing out the deadwood. 😉

You're not alone in your appreciation of the Portugal parts; a very significant chunk of my traffic checks out those articles. It turns out quite a few people are interested in homesteading there. And by the way, I found a new YouTube channel you would really like: It's called Real Algarve Living, an English 50-something guy who has been flipping houses in the Algarve for the past 6 years and is now working on his own property. He's personable and energetic, has a couple dogs, and gets shit done.

We would love to…


Happy Spring Justus, the showers are here and soon we will both be in our respective gardens getting dirt under our fingernails. As always, I do enjoy getting caught up on your blog. I confess, the Portugal parts intrigue me the most. However, I am curious about all you post. Still have Rumble & Gray on my Tuesday agenda, but have not quite pulled it off yet. Don't give up hope. Trust all is well with you and your loved one. Cheers, Christopher

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