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Algarve by Drone

I could watch this stuff all day.

Photo: Mister No

There is a plethora of drone cliff and beach footage, and I love me some cliff-and-cave videos, but I especially value footage that shows the towns and rural areas.

I will also post videos from YouTube on my Video Page.

"Travel Penguin goes around the world and makes cinematic videos. Drone videos, timelapses or just some cinematic travel videos .. You can find those on this channel!"

- CARVOEIRO - Algarve ● Portugal [2019] - Really great zoom in to the beach on Google Earth.

"Welcome to the Team Violante real estate channel, please like share and subscribe"

"Location: Japan"

- Aerial footage of Algarve - Portugal 4K - This video has a cool Minority Report treatment.

"Location: Portugal"

Instagram - "I'm Istvan from Hungary and I like traveling. If you like my pics, watch my videos too and subscribe to my Youtube channel"

"Drones, adventures and travel videos. Visit for more about the company I founded for commercial drone media!"

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