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The Great Big Christmas Drive of 2021

Life has been pretty hectic over the past couple weeks, but it looks like I may get a bit of a breather in some respects over the next few days. I'm going to use that time to put together a suite of Christmas designs and see if I can't actually make some sales. Given that the market is flooded with Christmas designs that are sentimental and unironic, I will be focusing my efforts on the ironic and satirical - more fun, and hopefully more popular in this jaded culture.

I got this idea while making "Hell Brought Eggnog" and my public domain research turned up the above Santa with a gun graphic from 1912. It occurred to me that there must be a lot of weird and quirky Christmas stuff available in the public domain. I've been doing some searching and I can see already that the choices are plentiful.


New! As of Oct 28! 2021! I have created a War on Christmas page! Yep, already with a number of designs. More coming all the time. Also, I've decided to start rolling these out on Facebook and Instagram on Nov 01, one per day until I run out.


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