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Return to Riverview's West Lawn Pavilion

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Please don't get the idea from this post's title that I have physically returned to the interior of Riverview's West Lawn Pavilion. I wish, but that's very unlikely as it looks like all side entrances are cemented up, now. Rather, the return is to the original photographs I took back in 2009 during a solo mission to the abandoned psychiatric hospital's insides. I'm actually low-key jubilant at this moment, because I have been searching for them in my saved burned disks of photos (so many cds and dvds), on and off, for quite some time. For a while there, I was concerned they were lost during one of the few house moves since they were taken. But no worries! I found them yesterday.

In celebration, I'm just going to drop a bunch of pics from that visit, pretty much raw out of the camera. I know I will be doing some editing later, stitching together composites of the same scene at different exposures. I might include an example of that at the end. In the mean time, here they are in chronological order:


Here's a quick example of an exposure blend:

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