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Portugal, the Algarve, and COVID-19

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Time to address the 800 lb virus in the room, the coronavirus. How does Portugal's experience with the virus compare to other countries? The little bit of research I've done suggests that Portugal has performed very well during this crisis. Here are some links:

- Running Portugal coronavirus statistics

- Coronavirus (COVID-20) deaths worldwide per one million population as of April 20, 2020, by country

- How Portugal became Europe’s coronavirus exception - Politico

- Swift action kept Portugal's coronavirus crisis in check, says minister - The Guardian

- 2020 coronavirus pandemic in Portugal - Wikipedia

- World Health Organization

- Safe Communities Portugal - Major Incident Page - Some good information here, generally.

Here's a map showing the distribution of COVID-19 across Portugal:

Here's a national ranking of COVID-19 cases based per capita from March 26, 2020:

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