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Podcasts from Portugal

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

There are a number of podcasts that are put together by people living in Portugal, most in Portuguese, but some in English. Here are some for the Portuguese-challenged:

"Carl Munson's unique view on Portuguese life, language and culture - as an immigrant creating a new life with his family in Portugal"

I just started listening. Ongoing show, 265 episodes of a decent length. News, current events (lots of Corona, of course), weather, features, Portuguese vocabulary. Chris is a part of the Pure Portugal community, with an emphasis on living through sustained practices, low overhead, and minimal impact. Good stuff. They also have a YouTube channel.

" insider's perspective to Portugal. If your plans to have a property abroad include delicious food, a fantastic climate, friendly people and lots of things to see and do, then Portugal is definitely the right place to be!Dylan who has made his life in Portugal shares an insider’s perspective of living in Portugal and a glimpse of the marvellous lifestyle that has captivated foreigners from all over the world. Join his weekly podcast where along with his guests they shine some light on the various aspects of investing and owning a property in Portugal.This podcast is sponsored by Portugal Realty..."

Another Carl Munson joint, this is a podcast that accompanies Pure Portugal, a property/lifestyle company: "Pure Portugal Ltd advertises properties for sale plus we have a website for holiday accommodation and property to rent in Portugal. As you may have guessed from our name, we put particular emphasis on the traditional and natural aspects of both the area we work in and the properties we advertise. Many of the properties we advertise are built and/or renovated using traditional methods and local materials. Many of them also incorporate environmentally friendly design, alternative energy systems, and grow – or are suitable for growing – organic produce." Last episode Jan, 2019. Their YouTube channel is still active as of a couple months ago.

Inactive since Feb, 2019, Algarve Addicts managed to serve up 43 episodes of over a half hour each before going dark. Hosted by Nick Robinson, a South African who moved to the Algarve 19 years ago. He has an internet and stand-up paddle board background. Nick interviewed a variety of Algarvians (I assume that is the word) about their interests and history with the Algarve, always including beach, restaurant, and attraction recommendations. His website covers the podcast and also a number of videos themed around Algarve activities. ***The link is down at the moment.***

Portuguese-language Podcasts

Very active, ongoing podcast covering the arts in the Algarve. Recent episodes feature interviews with a comedian, a skater, a guitarist. I don't speak Portuguese, so I can make no claims about content on this podcast or any other podcast in Portuguese. As someone interested in learning, I think just listening to the language spoken naturally by native speakers is really helpful.

Learn Portuguese

"My name is Carla Sabala, I was born in Portugal back in the 80s, in a fishing city called Setubal. I spent my child and teenage-hood in a small town called Pinhal Novo, not too far from the Portuguese capital, Lisbon. Soon after my move to England, almost a decade ago, I started to teach Portuguese as a second language and found it to be really enjoyable. My students seem to like it as well."

What you get:

- "High quality audio recording

- Colloquial language

- Idiomatic expressions

- Guests with differing accents

- A variety of themes (Leisure, Eating, Travel, Medical, Work, Business, Shopping, etc)

- Grammar tips

- Transcripts for every lesson

- Innovative language acquisition techniques

- Memorization tricks"

No new episodes since Jun 2019, but there's still plenty there. Great intro lessons to Portuguese hosted by Carla and her husband, Marlon. I sometimes use this podcast to go to sleep - they have a nice, relaxed vibe.

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