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Off Topic - What I Do

Here's a peek behind the curtain. You may have noticed that there are two general types of blog posts here - those with a lot of writing, links and images, and those with mainly just images and links. I post the latter while I'm working on the former. This ensures a steady stream of content while multi-page writing is going on. After all, this is just me working on this thing.

For me, painting began while I was still at university during the early 90s, starting with boats (I was living on one at the time). A couple of dock-mates convinced me to audition for a traditional British pantomime. I got a mid-sized part (the last time I performed), introducing me to the weird, wacky, and wonderful world of community theatre (the Metro). I started volunteering in the Scenic Paint/Set Dec department. Three years later, I was the head of that department. Throughout, I supplemented my income by working in corporate events, a weird and wacky world all its own. Although not nearly as wonderful. By 2000 I had landed the position of Head Scenic Artist for the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre, where I worked for about a decade before the theatre went belly-up, a victim of some questionable historic administrative decisions and, frankly, the Vancouver Olympics (curse you, Olympics!).

After the Playhouse closed, I worked in commercial/industrial painting for a while (painted a lot of SportCheks, especially in Alberta), finally settling in a busy downtown Vancouver scene shop the Great Northern Way Scene Shop, headed by Elia Kirby. It was from there that I got laid off, along with everybody else, when the Shit Went Down.

These pics are from my time at the Playhouse.

Three Penny Opera

The Coronation of Poppea, Vigil

Cranked (design only), The Fantasticks

Oliver, Equus

Miss Julie, True West

The photo that heads this post is a floor cloth for No Great Mischief.

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