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Not a Typical House for Two in Santarém District. Includes Bread Box.

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

225,000 € - 185 m² built/5,160 m² plot/207 m² main house (with deck) - constructed 2010 - 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom - garage/storage - privacy - room for gardening, mature trees - optic TV/internet - solar water heater, skylights - energy efficient (B) - A/C (probably not central) - waste water separation system

For the Canadians and Americans out there: $348,727.51 CAD / $266,598.00 USD - 1.3 acres plot/ 2,230 square feet main house (including deck)

The very definition of "cozy," with perhaps a little "snug" thrown in. Bucolic in an extremely Shire-esque way.

This is an unusual find that offers a lot at a reasonable price. Very suitable for one or two people who are looking for a rural home that is relatively new and likely needs very little work, is set up for work-from-home, offers privacy, has plenty of room for gardening and landscaping, and has a pretty good location. The style is decidedly not traditional Portuguese, with its double wooden walls, insulated and cladded in dark hardwood, and perhaps this is one reason why it has a fairly high energy efficiency rating. The garage is substantial enough to serve as a studio or office, or be converted into another bedroom. While the land isn't huge at 1.3 acres, what's there is smooth, gently sloping, mostly covered with grass, edged with trees and bushes, shaded by two small groups of mature trees, and with a view of the fields behind the property. Your closest neighbour is 100 m/ 330 ft away (house to house), with the next closest at least 250 m/820 ft away.

As for location, please see my article on Santarém, an ongoing work where I drop in new information as I find it. This place resides in Santarém district, Abitureiras municipality, about 15 minutes from the town of Santarém where all facilities and amenities can be found. I realize that's a whole lot of Santarém, but that's what happens when a town, a municipality, and a district all have the same name, and that's pretty much the norm in Portugal. Under an hour to the coast and a wide variety of water options (such as Praia de São Martinho do Porto, Google Earthed here), from surfing to tranquil child-safe waters.

This property is also unusual in a few ways other than its style. For one, it's being sold privately, and while that is fairly common, it is more so for cheaper properties that contain only ruins or homes in need of major reconstruction. Places as tiddly as this one usually use a real estate agency. To buy this property, contact João Pinheiro, phone number given on idealista. For another, João is comfortable letting you know the exact location of their property, so please find many Google Earth satellite views and Street Views below. Finally, it just so happens that we know who our closest neighbour would be, 100 m away, and that is Jose Carlos De Jesus Cordeiro, Lda. They are a registered business, farming produce.

It should be noted that there is no mention of a borehole (again, unusual for a rural holding). Apparently, there is a water separation system which would allow use of grey water for irrigation.

I like this place a lot. I particularly like that there are no neighbours at all on the front and back sides, giving pretty much total privacy. I also like the quirky style of the house. It feels to me like something built on one of the Gulf Islands in the late 1970s, from the dark wood finishes to the large photo-murals. And that back yard is really great with so much potential, just a blank canvas for whatever garden or landscaping you would like to build out there. It's not a farm with the responsibilities that come with a farm, but it's located in farm land and features all the opportunity one could want for growing your own food and becoming more self-sufficient. This would be a fantastic place for an artist or craft-person with an online business.

From João Pinheiro's private listing on idealista:

"Type T3 country house, mixed of wood and masonry, built in 2010, set in a plot of 5160m2, in a very quiet area in Abitureiras, about 15 min from Santarém and easy access to the A1, A13 and A15 motorways. The land has large trees (mainly Azinheiras and some Pinheiros), with a fantastic and unobstructed view of the adjacent fields. The main house has 3 bedrooms (one en-suite), a modern kitchen with an open-space style for the living room, semi-equipped with a ventilated and solar water heater with remote control, gas hob, electric oven and built-in microwave. Room equipped with a metal fireplace and air conditioning. Apartment located on a third floor without elevator, in a building with four floors. (I have to butt in here, but this sentence is so out of context, it makes my head spin. The pics and this description match up quite well, but then there is this fragment from what seems to be another ad. This property is for sale privately, so that means the owner also has an apartment for sale somewhere? All very odd.) Social WC with bath and WC of the suite with double shower base. House with alarm already installed and connected to the central. TV and internet by optic fiber.

The house has plenty of natural light, thanks to the large windows, bay doors and ceiling windows, which allow you to enjoy the surrounding outdoor space, even if you are inside. There are mosquito nets on the windows, bay doors and roof windows. Terrace at the rear and side, with two porches and previously reinforced for further expansion of the main house.

Double solar panel with 300 liters, with connection to the solar heater of modular flame, allowing a great saving of gas in the heating of the sanitary waters. Wastewater system with separation of black and gray waters, enabling a future treatment and recycling of the latter for reuse in irrigation and washing.

Masonry garage for two cars with three-phase plug (ideal for charging electric vehicles). Several storage areas, including in addition to the garage, a storage room, a firewood house, an external laundry room and a house for tools and implements.

The main house, mostly built in high density Brazilian wood, with double exterior walls with insulation inside, is very comfortable and welcoming, heating quickly and keeping the temperature in the winter and at the same time being cool in the summer. Obtained the level of energy certification of B.

In one of the groups of holm oaks, there is a barbecue, a picnic table and a swing. There is also a fenced area that has two individual masonry kennels inside.

The land is completely fenced and also has a natural fence made up of Mediterranean species. Entrance wall with automated gate, video intercom, mailbox and bread box."

Click here for this view on Google Earth.

This is just across the road. I call that very nice. Granted, this photo was taken during the Golden Hour and also during the spring before everything dries out, so conditions can't be more ideal.

The approach to home. Traveling North. The arrow indicates the garage.

The approach to home. Traveling South. The arrow indicates the gate.

In the neighbourhood.

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Justus Hayes
Justus Hayes
Dec 08, 2020

Yeah, that made me laugh, too. I love the London photo mural - very late 70s.


Ridiculously sweet!!! My favourite giggle was looking over all the initial pictures and being so impressed with the consistent quality throughout the house...until we came to the cluttered office and very worn desk chair!

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