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Lagos, 2005 - Lisa and Me

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

In September, 2005, Lisa and I spent two weeks in Portugal, about half of that in Lagos. These photos are all by me. Later, I'll post our pics from Lisbon and Sintra.

Confusing field/ground

That green building is quite well known. Lisa and I stayed there - it's a hotel run by two really great sisters. Now I have to look up their names. We had a one bedroom suite with access to the rooftop patio.

Spaghetti by me. Lisa by Lisa.

Me then

Me now

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Justus Hayes
Justus Hayes
Jun 24, 2020

Yeah. Lisa has been after me for a while to shave. Maybe.

Shit, you have granddaughters? Goodness, you don't look it.


I like the Lisa by Lisa shot, but the ”Me now and then“I could really identify with the smile. Looking up old pictures of me with a beard to show the granddaughters, the age difference between now and then was 35 years. My smile back then was pretty smug!

“Youth is wasted on the young.” George Bernard Shaw?

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