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Just Walk Away - The War on Christmas

The Great Big War on Christmas Design Drive continues with Just Walk Away, the 9th design in the series. This is actually the second design I've made using the 1912 cover from Puck. The first version has the tagline, Merry Christmas Motherfucker, which I think is hilarious in a Samuel L. Jackson kind of way, but perhaps is a little too hot for Facebook. Still thinking about that. Just Walk Away is my attempt at a G rating.


Hold the bus! I just made an edit to the "Put the Cookies on the Table" part of the text, reflected in the title image above, and also reflected at the design's Redbubble page. I don't have time at the moment to change the gallery below, though. Soon!

This design, like all of the designs in the series, is available printed on a wide variety of clothing, electronic and household items at my Redbubble store, specifically at this page.


The designs in the series that have dropped so far:

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