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The link is in the header menu. Currently featuring videos from the YouTube channel, "Luke and Sarah's Off-Grid Life." Sarah and Luke have been living for three years on a 17 hectare farm in Central Portugal's Castelo Branco area. They started with very little experience and figured it out as they went along. I've only watched about nine or ten videos so far, but I like what I've seen. Lots of very practical advice about the realities of living off-grid and making Portugal a home, with lots of cooking and hands-on stuff thrown in. The approach is very relaxed and down-to-earth, with good chemistry between the two of them (and Molly the dog). I have included four of their videos on the page to start this page off, and I especially recommend Luke's tandoor oven episode. Interesting stuff.

It's noteworthy that spending time with content like this is a big part of the reason I don't dream of moving the family to a homestead in Portugal anymore (not that I had any aspirations to live off-grid). As mentioned elsewhere, I would love to own a second home there if we had the cash to do it, and vacationing there is a certainty, but what this window into that lifestyle has demonstrated to me is just how much work is involved. Not surprising, I realize, and I know the influence of the Pandemic and my early recovery in AA had a lot to do with my fantasies about a simple life in a beautiful landscape. I still find the challenges of it attractive and fascinating, though, enough to keep me watching content like this. Here are some examples of channels that will appear on this page:

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