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Feature Photograph: "Convento de Monchique"

Photo by Americo Fernandes. Definitely check out Americo's work. I've used a couple of their photos on this website's Home page (trying to find a good place to provide attribution). The work on the sky here may be a little clunky, but I love the composition.

My Portuguese has only just begun, but the following blurb from their Flickr page suggests they live in Portimão.

"Fotógrafo amador de paisagem

De Portimão Algarve.

Fotos um pouco por Monchique,Portimão e Algarve em geral"

Americo has been gracious enough to donate many photos to the Creative Commons. I use photos from the Commons whenever possible.

Here are a few more I like a lot:


"convento Monchique visto da picota"

"Convento de Portimão"

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