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Club Noir de Mer

My fascination with variations on the film noir aesthetic continues, mostly placing the tropes in an undersea environment but also now dabbling in fungal interpretations. I've been chipping away in particular lately at the idea of a jazz club in the submerged city, a place called "Club Noir de Mer." This is my second t-shirt in this vein (you can see the first iteration here) and was created using the AI image engine, Midjourney. The images below should give you some idea of what went into making this one.

Directly above, we have the finished design at left, the bottom layer is at center, and the edits placed on top of the bottom layer is at right.

Below is a gallery of the MJ pics I pulled ingredients from. Of course, these images are just a subset of the much larger pool of 101 images that I had MJ create for me with this idea in mind.

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