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Behold the Shopping Cart

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

This is a great example of my creative process at work. I go about my day, running errands, operating the Hayes Taxi. At some point I will see something that I think will make fruitful manipulation fodder and I take a few pics of it using my extremely mediocre camera phone. Lately, this has mostly been shots of the sky, especially sunrise/sunset. When I next have the opportunity (i.e., 3:30 a.m. the next morning), I run those images through some filters and start to see if there is something there I can make that will be useful for something. That "something" is either a) intrinsically art-worthy enough to be a stand-alone printed piece (very rare), b) fodder for putting on to various print-on-demand products, or c) an Instagram post. Almost anything can be eligible for (c), but (a) and (b) are more particular.

This stack (rack?) of nested shopping carts behind the Queensborough Walmart let me know instantly they they would be good to work with. I have a thing about shopping carts anyway. I started a book about them a number of years ago using Blurb, but it got lost during a rushed computer upgrade. I will definitely be dedicating a post to my thoughts about the shopping cart at some point.

None of these approach (a), but definitely qualify for (b) and (c). I have already emailed scaled-down versions of these to myself to make them available for posting to Instagram later today. When I get a chance to drop a few of these on T-shirts, etc, I will post the results here.

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