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Designs that document and celebrate the greatest battle the world has ever known, The War on Christmas.

All very tongue-in-cheek, of course, because the War on Christmas is really just a ludicrous culture-war manufactured talking point trotted out every year by elements of the Right in their endless efforts to entrench their aggrieved victim status. It's very silly. So silly, in fact, that I decided to devote at least a month to laughing about it by creating these designs in time for the Christmas online shopping season. I've been dropping a new design every two days on my Facebook and Instagram feeds.

These are all available at my Redbubble store. Many product options are available there, from coffee cups to t-shirts to shower curtains.

So Merry Christmas, if that's your thing, or Xmas, or Happy Holidays, or whatever flavour you like. Or WFUCAC (Winter Festival of Unaligned Celebration Advent Calendar)? How about, "Best of the Season"? Works for me.

all thumbs sq - m.jpg
I wanted to provide a quick overview of the best in the series so far. The above gallery is not interactive, however. For larger views and links to each design's page at my Redbubble store, please see below.
skeleton cart - hat - funk-msq.jpg
karl big hat txt2-m.jpg
Christmas Compost-m.jpg
Memories That Last-m.jpg
santa gun rebuild2-m.jpg
They All Chose Socialism - The War on Christmas - m.jpg
Christmas False Flag - solid-m.jpg
Raising Cane Alone - work-m.jpg
The War on Christmas - Raising Cane2-m.jpg
china santa rainbow-txt-m.jpg
I love the smell-txt-m.jpg
Protection Layer2-m.jpg
Hell Brought Eggnog- m.jpg
watching santa - shorter-m.jpg
Inside Job - noblack-m.jpg
merry christmas mf - fancy-m.jpg


I'm a scenic artist who has been painting for theatre, film/TV, museums, galleries, and corporate events for over 20 years (here is some of my work). The Pandemic shut down the scene shop I work at, of course, and since that time I have devoted every minute I can find to developing my skills in graphic and applied design. We are very fortunate in that my wife, Lisa, found full-time work back in March 2020 but it's not quite enough to make ends meet. We have two boys, Alex (15) and Rowan (12), to support. Because Rowan has Down Syndrome and light Autism, it is essential that I figure out a way to make some money from home. Freelance graphic designer would fit that bill very well.

This War on Christmas design drive with the self-imposed schedule of a new design dropped every two days has forced me to work quickly, develop quickly, and produce a large output in a short period of time. It's a trial by fire! In all seriousness, you only have to look at the series from beginning to end to notice just how far I have come in my treatment of text alone. There is still a long way to go, but this weakest part of my graphic game has improved immensely as a result of all this condensed effort.

So go to my Redbubble store and buy a shirt or a mug or a tote bag. Each purchase helps to validate this work and helps a lot in my pursuit of reinventing myself as a graphic designer. Thanks!

I Don't Know What I Want (But I Know I Don't Have It) - All I Want for Christmas Is the Means of Production (aka Karl "Santa" Marx) - Christmas Compost - Memories That Last a Lifetime (v2) - Uplift the Glorious Leader (With Many Voices) - (Put the Cookies on the Table and) Just Walk Away - I Love the Smell of Eggnog in the Morning - They All Chose Socialism - So Many Weapons - Death From Above - Hell Brought Eggnog - Christmas Is a False Flag Operation - He's Watching You - Raising Cane (The War on Christmas) - Christmas is an Inside Job - Memories that Last a Lifetime - Merry Christmas Motherfucker- Raising Cane in Victory

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