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This series celebrating our corner of the world is very goal-focused and pragmatic. I'm developing designs that, hopefully, will appeal to tourists visiting BC and more specifically the southwestern coast where I live. Once I come up with, say, 10 solid designs that I think will sell, the plan is to then get them printed on shirts and shop them around locally at gift shops and merch manufacturers. It's a further step towards trying to make some money off of this effort.

All images are based on photos that either I have taken or are available for use commercially. Regarding the latter, that means they are Public Domain or licensed with an Attribution license in the Commons, and I always endeavour to provide that Attribution when necessary.

I should note here that a few of the photos used are not BC locations, but represent landscapes that do exist in BC. Beyond the Misty Mountains, for example is a composite image made from three photos I found on Pixabay that don't reference where they were taken. If there is one thing that BC has in abundance, though, it's ranks of mist-shrouded conifers on a hillside, so I feel comfortable letting those stand in for all the forests covering so much of our province.

Gulf Islands - Sockman quote-m.jpg
Vancouver mountains in blue-txt-m.jpg
Vancouver alleys in blue-m.jpg
beachcombing starfish - m.jpg
Beyond the Misty Mountains-m.jpg
campfire rebuild sky and water-flat-newlayers-m.jpg
Southern_Gulf_Islands,_BC,_Canada_-_twk-layers-tall sky-m.jpg
gastown rain blue-mirr2-tall-m.jpg
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