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Plenty of Rats in the Old Opsal Steel Building

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Here is an assortment of photos I took of the historic Opsal Steel Building in 2008. This was the first of many visits, starting at dawn on a clear winter day. I haven't had access to these photos for a long time, and I still have another dvd of images to go through. When I've done that, I'll assemble a best-of and post an in-depth look at this property. I worked in various scene shops as a scenic painter and artist in Vancouver for over twenty years, and three of them were within blocks of the Opsal. A fixture in my life for many years.

The Opsal, today. Click here to trigger this view using Google Earth. I will give the developers some credit for at least an attempt to make the design reflect the original. I am on the lookout for old aerial photos of the place.

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