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Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Why the Algarve? | My Guide Algarve - "Come winter or summer the Algarve brims with activity, making it one of our favourite all-year-round holiday destinations. From the beautiful beaches to the buzzing bars and the cultural cities to the curving coastline, there's no end of Algarve attractions to keep you entertained. Here’s a run-down of just the top ten reasons why we all love the Algarve so much..."

DOTE - Why the Algarve, Portugal should be your next holiday - "Portugal has flown under the travel radar for many years, but thanks in part to social media, Portugal’s authentic culture, beautiful architecture and photogenic beaches are being discovered by more travellers than ever. With its sunny weather, budget friendly accommodation, friendly locals, fresh food and cheap wine, it’s no wonder the Algarve in Portugal has shot to the top of many peoples must visit list."

10 reasons why the Algarve is the greatest place on Earth for a family holiday - "The Algarve is a region of hidden delights, of golden beaches framed by limestone rocks, of small, simple restaurants with fresh fish, and of a wealth of top-quality family hotels and villas at prices that compare favourably to the rest of Europe."

5 Reasons Why The Algarve Is The Perfect Destination For Teenage Friendly Holidays - "...when it comes to teenage friendly holidays, this is where things can get a little tricky. Keeping a teenager happy and occupied can be tough, even on the most interesting of holidays, but the Algarve is one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations, so there are plenty of varied activities, attractions and sights which cater to family members of all ages."

10 Reasons Why The Algarve Is Our #1 Retire Overseas Option - "For five years running, we’ve named Portugal’s Algarve coast as the world’s #1 place to retire overseas.

Why do we say that this part of this country qualifies as not only a top option for a new life in Europe, but, in fact, one of the world’s best places to spend time today?

Let’s count the ways…"

Why the Algarve? - "Why did we choose to buy a villa in the Algarve? Simple, the Algarve is Portugal’s main holiday destination. Its coastline boasts numerous glorious golden stretches of soft sandy beaches, stunning coastal cliffs and natural bays . In contrast and only a short distance inland, it offers a peaceful and often picturesque countryside with the scent of oranges from the numerous orange groves, quiet castle towns, flower-covered hillsides and enchanting glimpses of the local algarvian farmers going about their daily chores. There is something for everyone of every age here."

Why the Algarve is Europe’s Surf Paradise - "If you haven't been surfing in the Algarve yet, go pack your bags and book your ticket! It's beautiful, the locals are extremely friendly, and the food is great. But moreover, the surf is amazing. Here is why the Algarve is considered Europe's Surf Paradise."

Why the Algarve defied my expectations - "I’ve always loved travel in Portugal, whether it was the tumbledown charm and boozy visits to the wineries of Porto, drinks at viewpoints and guzzling pasteis de nata in Lisbon, or striding out in awe over the bubbling volcanic landscape of the Azores. But, truth be told, I’d never had much fascination with the Algarve: I assumed the region would be all crowded beaches, modern buildings and overdeveloped resorts. That’s why, when I finally visited the region, its natural beauty, delicious cuisine and fabulous array of outdoor activities took me completely by surprise."


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