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Portfolio: Kyoto Harlequin

This is just one variation of many that resulted from Simon Jowett's excellent Public Domain photo, "Alone in Kyoto." When I saw the original pic on Flickr, I knew right away that it was great manipulation fodder. Please see this post for almost the entire series. I've been in touch with Simon about this work, and he was kind enough to put a link to the post on the original photo's Flickr page. Thanks, Simon!

Despite the photo's title, it was captured in York, England, in June 2020. The radiating and gently curving ribs that make up the station's ceiling create some very interesting patterns when mirrored and layer-blended. I named this version "Kyoto Harlequin" after placing it on leggings, and thinking it was something a particularly flamboyant mime might wear.

Love this photo! It crystalizes that early time during the Pandemic very well. Emptiness, some anxiety, and a rushing through tasks out in public to get back quickly to the safety of home. Those safe distancing stickers on the floor really say it all.


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