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Feature Photograph: "Palácio da Galeria - Tavira - Portugal..." by Vitor Oliveira

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Vitor Oliveira, a.k.a. portuguese_eyes, extremely prolific photographer based in Lisbon. He has thousands of photos of Portugal on Flickr, and all the ones I have seen so far are in the Creative Commons. I will be returning to this gold mine many times, I'm sure. From his About page:

"Esta presença no Flickr deve-se à minha paixão por uma actividade: viajar! Viajar por Portugal.

Têm sido essencialmente passeios de um profundo prazer. Prazeres gastronómicos, culturais, sentimentais e visuais. E é pelo menos este prazer visual que pretendo partilhar convosco.

P.S.- Exceptuando os 3 últimos, cada um dos meus álbuns corresponde a cada um dos 308 concelhos (municípios) de Portugal (ou 309, considerando Olivença). Naturalmente o objectivo é que todos os 309 passem a estar aqui representados (só faltam 13)!

This presence in Flickr must be from my passion for one thing: to travel,

travel through Portugal. They have especially been travels of profound pleasure. Gastronomic pleasures. Cultural, sentimental and visual pleasures too. At least this last one I'd like to share with you."

Just for fun, I will paste the list at the end of this entry of all the places that Vitor has posted photographs of. It's so long as to almost be comical. A more visually pleasing version of this list can be found here. To give you some idea of the quantity involved, he has posted 437 photographs of Lagoa, alone. Whew!

Here are a few more amazing shots:

As I pasted the following list, I immediately saw that all the links were pasted as well. Should have known that. But happily so, because I think that this may be the most comprehensive interactive list of Portuguese municipalities on the internet. Want to know what Silves looks like? There are 83 photos. Incredible!

In fact, I am so impressed that I just added a link to his work in the footer at the bottom of every page on Why the Algarve.





Lajes das Flores

Lajes do Pico



Santa Cruz da Graciosa

Santa Cruz das Flores

São Roque do Pico


Vila do Porto


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