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Despite the Evidence, I Have Not Lost My Mind

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

In other words, there is method in my madness.

One of the challenges of operating this website and using it as a way to highlight the design work I do is figuring out how to increase traffic. To this day, quite a bit of my traffic is from visitors who come for the Portugal content. That's great and there will always be a place in my heart for the role that Portugal played in the development of where I am right now, but it doesn't do much in furthering my goal to find work as a freelance graphic/applied designer.

What I need to do is generate content that fills a niche and allows me to develop my editing skills and add quality pieces to my portfolio. Shopping carts are one way to do this. A weird way, granted, but a way nonetheless. At least there is conceptual focus, which is helpful.

For these images and other graphics donated to the Creative Commons, please visit my Flickr page here. For just shopping cart action, I just started a Flickr album here.

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I am doing well Justus, retired from the teaching last June and trying to reinvent myself as a person of leisure. Failing miserable. Walking the dog, tasks around the house and more meetings are my foundation. Miss all the riding commuting I used to do. Got to get more exercise. I saw your artwork as part of the Cranked set. WOW. Hope everything is going well in your world.


Justus Hayes
Justus Hayes
Oct 07, 2021

Thanks, Christopher. Glad to hear it had the desired effect.

How are you doing?


The cart theme got me laughing...a lot. Bravo!

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