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"Castello Tartan"

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Based on a photo of a terra cotta tile floor in Castello Aragonese, an amazing castle on a volcanic outcropping on the island of Ischia, in the Gulf of Naples. Visiting Ischia and this castle was one of the best days during the 2005 trip. I went with a young couple from Alberta and a guy from Australia (I think). Good food, stunning historical monument, great company, wine tasting, gelato, ferry ride - the complete deal.

As mentioned in the previous post, "Castello Tartan" represents a significant development in the way I use layers when developing these images. It's this simple:

- Choose an image

- Create a duplicate layer

- Distort that new image in some way

- Create a duplicate of that layer

- Flip, rotate, or reposition that layer

- Try different Layer Modes on that layer until the layer you are altering interacts in an interesting/pleasing way with the layer directly under it

- Repeat new-layer/flip/layer-mode process as many times as Art requires

Click on any image below to visit the corresponding store page for that item. Here's the link for the design's main page (kind of) on Society6. That's actually the page for an Art Print of this design and is the closest thing to a design-only page they have. Scroll partway down the page, and there is a sliding thumbnail gallery of all the products this design is on. That gallery is on every product page for the design, along with other galleries featuring the same product with other designs of mine.

So, for example, click on the iPhone case image and bring up the page for that product on Society6. Below a blurb about their phone cases, there is a gallery of other designs of mine on the same product, in this case, phone cases. Below that is a gallery of other products in the same category (in this case, "Tech") with this design. Below that is a gallery of all the products using this design. Here's a screen grab of the latter two:

Needless to say, this is all complicated and difficult to convey quickly, easily, and concisely. Which is not great.

Anyway, as Robert Evans says, "Products!"

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